Jenna’s Text-Savvy Tips

My parents tend to write their text messages like a formal email, including proper introduction, punctuation, and signature.  I always think about how much time it must take to think through each text, when it’s really not even necessary!  I have to give them credit though, as they have been getting better at texting, but I figured a few tips couldn’t hurt for them and the other parents out there.  

If you want to make your texting more seamless, here are a few tips I’d recommend: 

  1. No need for introductions.  You don’t have to be so formal, as texting is all about communicating quickly.  Feel free to just directly write what you are texting to ask or say. The “Hi Jenna. How are you?” introduction is not needed! 
  2. Skip the signature.  We already know who you are, since your text message is associated to your contact. “Love Mom” not necessary! 
  3. Shorthand is okay.  It’s totally fine to not spell out every word and just use abbreviations.  A few acronyms I tend to use are JIC (just in case), BTW (by the way), THX (thanks), IDK (I don’t know).  Brush up on other abbreviations here: 
  4. Punctuation is optional.  Along with the shorthand topic, proper sentences and punctuation are totally optional.  You can put a punctuation in between thoughts, not even use one at all, or use multiple in a row (!?!?!). Texting is one time its fine to ignore all your schooling on grammar lessons. 
  5. Emoji’s welcome.  Emoji’s help you express emotions and ideas, while livening up your text messages.  Share that you are excited, want to dance, are traveling, are doing something sporty, or anything else via a quick emoji (or a few) instead of typing it all out.  If you don’t have the emoji keyboard, ask your TechStar Tutor to help you.  For iPhone, here is a link to Apple support on how to use emojis (emoticons):
Thanks for reading my texting tips! Feel free to leave any comments or share if you have any tips to add to the list! 

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