TechStar Tutors® makes the world a more connected place through technology support and personalized technology tutoring.

Our tech-savvy team provides technology support and customized tutoring services to small businesses and older adult communities to help them tackle ANY technical problem!

This is our Story

TechStar Tutors, is the emerging new leader in Richmond, VA providing technology support and personalized technology tutoring lessons to our customers. The company launched its services in June of 2016 in Richmond with a strong understanding that the market was looking for an affordable technology support company that can help them navigate all of the technology challenges.

For Carter Glotz, then a student at Virginia Tech, that was his grandparents and their friends.  He spent time on college breaks teaching his grandparents and their friends how to better use their phones, computers and Facebook, along with setting up social media accounts for a number of small businesses. Carter quickly realized the market needed a tech-guru type of service that supports our customers’ technology challenges. Over the first 2 years in business, we found that over 40% of our customers were using us for technology support services and over 30% of all our customers were using us to support some type of small business.

TechStar Tutors found a ready work force using tech savvy college students and recent graduates who are already advanced at using various technologies and were looking for resume-worthy jobs while they are in school. We have supported hundreds of customers ranging from small businesses, government agencies and older adult communities.

How we make the world a Better Place

Our customers now have their go-to tech guru on ‘dial’, much like when they need a repair man around the house. Our college students and graduates get some real world job worthy experience along with making some much need money.

This is our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the technology gap for our customers. We want to better connect the world by empowering college students and graduates to share their tech, app, and social knowledge with our customers.

About our Tutors

TechStar Tutors has hired and trained dozens of college students and graduates. Our Tutors are qualified local college students or graduates who have a passion for sharing their knowledge of technology with others. Our resources must pass our interview process, a background screening and our certification and training process to become TechStar Tutor certified. We match our customer’s technology needs to the appropriate technology resource’s skill set to provide the optimal technology services experience.