Our Personalized Technology Tutoring Services

With our on-site and remote personalized tutoring experience, you will be able to better use your technology devices and social media sites to stay connected with family and friends.

This is how it Works.

College students and graduates pass a screening, interview and certification process to become a certified Tutor in their local community.  Adults hear about our service, probably from one of their kids that are tired of trying to help, and request a Tutor online.  We match each older adult with a certified Tutor, and a mutually rewarding relationship is then formed.  The first individual lesson starts with an assessment, essentially a check list of all the technology areas where help is needed, then we focus our tutoring on your individual needs.  Our group lessons are customized to the needs of our customers.

Wait, did you say IN PERSON Lesson?

Yes, college students will be coming by your house to help you with your smartphones and social media life.  We made sure they were enrolled in a college, took the time to pass our certification course, and hey, you can probably even check their LinkedIn page out in advance.  But, if you are worried about that, we are pretty sure there is a Starbucks on every corner.  You could even come up with your own creative location to meet, say the local corner restaurant, library, or anything in between.

This is how we can Help.

The short version is, think anything in the realm of smartphones, tablets, apps, social media sites, wearable devices, video chat, pictures, and that whole mysterious ‘cloud’ and ‘internet”.

The long version is, well, pretty long.  So, click here for a Services Fact Sheet of all the lessons and tech shortcuts a Tutor can help you understand.

Our five technology tutoring specialty areas are listed below:

  • Internet, “The Cloud”, Music & Pictures
    Do you want to better understand how to use your technology devices to connect to the outside world? Here are some of the ways our Tutors can assist you:
  • Using Internet Browsers - Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Using Search Engines - Google, Bing, etc.
  • Using the Cloud - saving and sharing pictures, videos and music files
  • Buying Online - dos and don’ts
  • Setting Up Music Services - iTunes, Pandora, Sirius, etc.
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  • Social Networking
    If you are interested in learning more about using social media sites or video conferencing to stay connected with family and friends, our tutors can assist you with:
  • Social Media 101 - setup and use of social networking sites, what social sites are best for you, setting up profile, searching for family, etc.
  • Using Blogs and Chats
  • We cover Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, FaceTime, Google Talk, YouTube, Pinterest, & Snapchat
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