Technology Tutoring (On-site/Remote)

Technical Support (On-site/Remote)


Local college students and graduates provide customized one-on-one or group technology lessons either on-site or through remote training (online teaching through your device). Technology Tutors can meet you either in your home or at a preferred neutral location for the on-site training.

We can help with anything in the realm of smart devices, social media, apps, pictures, the ‘cloud’ and the internet.

The first individual technology lesson includes a brief assessment to highlight your current knowledge and areas for improvement.


Even though technology devices open up an entire world for many people, they are useless if they break or don’t work correctly! What if you had a go-to tech support team capable of fixing even your most frustrating technology problems?

Luckily, our team at TechStar Tutors is proud to introduce our new on-site and remote tech support services. This allows us to repair your device either in-person or through online remote access technology.

We can provide a variety of tech support services; anything from backing up your data, cleaning your computer, setting up your printer, and more.