Did You Receive a New Technology Device for Christmas?

Using a new technology device. Apple iPad, tablets, apple, technology lessons, tablet lessons.

If you live in Richmond, VA and you received a new technology device for Christmas, you’re in luck! TechStar Tutors, a technology tutoring company for adults over 50, is providing the one-on-one and group technology lessons you need in order to fully utilize your device! We employ local college-aged technology Tutors that will meet with you for a personalized and face-to-face technology tutoring experience.Using a new technology device. Apple iPad, tablets, apple, technology lessons, tablet lessons.

In this blog, I will share with you 3 activities on your smartphone or tablet that can make life easier and more enjoyable. For more detailed features on iPhone or Android, please visit the below links.

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(1) Online Shopping


As major companies like AmazonApple and Google dabble more and more with online shopping, an increasing amount of gifts and products nowadays are being shipped directly to customers. Why not? Online products may be less expensive than their counter-parts in regular stores and all it takes is a couple clicks in order to receive the product without ever needing to leave your house!

(2) Online Banking and Finances

Using a tablet for banking and finances. Apple ipad, samsung tablet, smart tablets, tablet banking, online banking, mobile banking.

Many people use their computer/laptop to check their bank account and finances. How can a smartphone or tablet make this common process easier? It’s called banking on-the-go. With a smartphone or tablet, you can keep up with your banking statements, notices, accounts and stock portfolio while you are out and about! You can also download financial apps from companies like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Paypal, E-Trade and Scottrade.

(3) Games and Apps

Collage of the icons of different tablet and smartphones applications and games. Smartphone games, Smartphone apps, Tablet games, Tablet apps, Words with Friends, Poker, Chess, Scrabble, Pinball, Zombies.

Move over computer and board games! There are numerous games and apps available on the tablet and smartphone. While board games and computer games can be more complex, the draw of an app is that it’s only a fingers touch away. From classics (ex: Chess, Scrabble, and Poker) to variations of classics (ex: Words with Friends, Star Wars Pinball, Battle Chess 3D) to entirely new creations (ex: Zombieville, Plants vs. Zombies, Candy Crush), the wide variety of categories will ensure you never grow tired of the App Store.

Besides the multitude of games available, there are plenty of useful apps that can simplify your life. From money-exchanging platforms (ex: Venmo and Paypal) to ride-share platforms (ex: Uber and Lyft) to tools (ex: Calculator, Notes Plus, Leveling Tools, AccuWeather, Google Maps, Reminders, Compass, LiftMaster, Translator, Decibel Meter) to social applications (ex: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Skype, Facetime), there are plenty of non-game applications that will make life more convenient for you.

What are you waiting for? Use your new smartphone or tablet to improve your quality of life today! If you find yourself yourself needing to learn more about your smartphone or tablet, make sure you schedule a one-on-one technology lesson with us at TechStar Tutors!


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