TechStar Toons: Stay In “Toon” With Technology

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If this TechStar Toon resonates with you, you’re not alone!  These days, older adults are trying to stay up to date with technology, so they can keep in touch with their friends and family, yet it’s often challenging and frustrating to do so.

Their children are too busy with their own lives to help: juggling demanding jobs, raising kids, enjoying a social life and managing a household. Plus, if families aren’t able to get together frequently or live in different places, it is even more difficult to help with technology questions over the phone. What adults over 50 really need is a go-to technology expert that has the time to patiently walk them through technology devices, social media, managing pictures and other questions they have.

That’s where TechStar Tutors comes to the rescue. TechStar Tutors connects adults over 50 with tech-savvy college students and graduates for personalized technology lessons, helping them to better use computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, social media and other technology.  With one-on-one or group lessons, older adults can learn the skills they need to stay better connected with family and friends through technology.

Be sure to tell your loved ones that TechStar Tutors is here to help with all their technology questions!  Schedule a lesson today by visiting our website at or calling 804-442-7827.  For more information, check out these resources below:

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