Say goodbye to broken devices

With our on-site and remote technical support, leave all the frustration of fixing your broken devices to us! Our certified technicians are equipped for almost any situation, from fixing faulty printers to recovering your data.

Certified Technicians

  • Skilled college students and graduates
  • Certified and rigorously trained
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology
  • Wide array of skills, from network administration to data recovery
  • All tutors pass a thorough background check

Never Leave Home

Our technicians come straight to you, equipped with all of the tools needed to service your devices. If you would rather meet at a neutral location we’ll come to whatever library, restaurant, or coffee shop is most convenient to you. We offer remote tutoring as well. Check out some of our many specialties below!

Computer Repair

Troubleshoot and Diagnose Problems

  • Computer is unresponsive
  • Computer takes too long to boot up
  • Selected programs do not open
  • Cannot connect to the internet
  • Cannot access programs, websites, or files

Cyber Security

Protect Your Devices from Malicious Software

  • Suspicious pop ups and warnings
  • Unable to start your computer due to Ransomeware
  • Locked out of software and webpages
  • Files, software, and webpages open on their own
  • Your email inbox is filled with spam


Connect Your Devices to Print Scan, and More

  • Bluetooth/wireless printers
  • Extra monitors (for desktops)
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Web cameras
  • Wireless mouse

Computer Setup

Set Up Your New Devices in No Time

  • Set up new computers, phones and more
  • Move data from your old computer
  • Connect to the internet
  • Connect peripherals
  • Set up email and connect to your accounts


Software for Work, Finance and Entertainment

  • Install programs like Microsoft Word and Skype
  • Update to the latest and greatest software
  • Uninstall old unused software
  • Synchronize data across all your devices
  • Entertain with games and video streaming


Never loose your files with secure backups

  • Backup to an external hard drive
  • Backup to CD/DVDs
  • Backup to external flash drive (USB)
  • Use the cloud to store backups in remote, secure locations