Say goodbye to frustration

With our on-site and remote personalized tutoring experience, you will be able to better use your technology devices and social media sites to stay connected with family and friends.

Certified Tutors

  • Skilled college students and graduates
  • Certified and rigorously trained
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology
  • Wide array of skills, from basic computer use to more advanced topics like networking
  • All tutors pass a thorough background check

Learn From Home

Our tutors can come straight to you, so that you can learn from the comfort of their own home. If you’d rather meet at a neutral location we’ll come to whatever library, restaurant, or coffee shop is most convenient to you. We offer remote tutoring as well. Check out some of our many specialties below!


Learn how to navigate the increasingly complex internet

  • Explore the internet with Google or Bing
  • Manage your bank accounts and investments online
  • Shop and sell using sites like Amazon and Ebay
  • Stay up to date on the latest news
  • Learn about browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari

File Management and Cloud

Store Your Pictures, Videos and More

  • Synchronize your files across all of your devices
  • Organize cluttered files into folders for easy access
  • Back up all of your files so you’ll never lose them
  • Manage files on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones

Computers and Laptops

Apple and Microsoft. Desktops and Laptop

  • Keep in touch using your email of choice
  • Connect to WiFi to browse the internet and more
  • Create documents or track finances with Word and Excel
  • Connect your printer, speakers, keyboard, mouse and more

Smartphones & Tablets

iPhone, Android, Tablets and E-Readers

  • Gain control of your device through its various settings
  • Learn about useful apps like Google Maps or Uber
  • Share memories through photos and videos
  • Entertain with music streaming, Youtube, Netflix & more
  • Connect wearable devices like FitBit to track your health

Social Networking

Social Networks, Video Chats, Connect with Family and Friends

  • Sign up for social networking sites and set up a profile
  • Find your friends and family to stay better connected
  • Post your photos and give your family status updates
  • Find the networks that are best for you
  • Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Facetime and more


Stream Your Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Music and More

  • Stream music via Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora
  • Download all of your CDs to your computer
  • Stream your favorite movies and TV shows
  • Get rid of cable to save money on your monthly bill
  • Watch live news and millions of videos on Youtube