TechStar Tutors® brings generations together to make the world a more connected place through personalized technology tutoring and tech support.

Customized tutoring lessons and tech support are delivered by tech-savvy college students and graduates in each local community, so adults 50 and older have the one-on-one attention to help them tackle ANY technical problem!


This is our Story

Established in late 2015 in Richmond, VA, TechStar Tutors journey began with a vision that everyone has that one person in their life that wants to be better at using their cell phones, laptops, and social media sites to stay connected with friends and family.

For Carter Glotz, a student at Virginia Tech, that was his grandparents.  He spent time on college breaks teaching both sets of grandparents how to better use their phones, computers and Facebook.  Carter quickly realized the market needed a tech guru type service that his grandparents and other adults out there could use to learn more about their technology devices.  What better way than to have college students, who are already advanced at using technology and looking for resume-worthy jobs, to deliver these services to the world?  Carter teamed up with his family along with a talented team of professionals that are passionate about our mission.

This is what’s New

TechStar Tutors, the leading provider of personalized technology tutoring lessons for adults over 50, is excited to announce the appointment of Tammy Glotz as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).  While Carter furthers his education at Virginia Tech, his mother, Tammy, is now responsible for overseeing daily operations of the company and accelerating strategy around marketing, program development, community outreach and customer success.  Tammy was formerly with Bon Secours Health System as a Wellness Coordinator for about 10 years, and she has 30 years of experience in healthcare, activity programming and wellness.

With extensive experience in the field of Gerontology, Tammy will play a critical role in expanding TechStar Tutors’ mission to make the world a more connected place by improving technology know-how for older adults.  Tammy holds a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a Master of Science in Gerontology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

This is our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the technology gap between generations. We want to better connect the world by empowering students and graduates to share their tech, app, and social knowledge with older adults in each community that want to feel like a bigger part of their own friends and family’s lives.  Yes, even grandma appreciates Facebook!


This is how it Works

College students pass a screening, interview and certification process to become a TechStar Tutor in their local community.  Adults hear about the service, probably from one of their kids that are tired of trying to help, and request a Tutor online.  We match each older adult with a certified Tutor, and a mutually rewarding relationship is then formed.  The first session starts with a in-person technology lesson that includes an assessment, essentially a check list of all the things the older adult needs help with, and the first personalized lesson.  Group lessons are customized based on the needs of our customers. For all the things we can help you learn, see Our Services page.

This is how we make the world a Better Place.

Adults now have their go-to tech guru on ‘dial’, much like when they need a repair man around the house, so they can stay current on all the life updates, feeds, tweets, pictures, and snaps from friends and family they can handle.  The college students get to hear stories from some pretty cool people in the community as well as bringing in some much needed cash.  The world is a friendlier, more connected place with generations of all ages hanging out more.

About our Tutors

Our Tutors are qualified college students in their community who have a passion for sharing their knowledge of technology with others.

  • Skills Certified – passed TechStar Tutors’ Certification Program
  • Trustworthy – successfully passed a background check
  • Educated – enrolled in or a graduate of a 2 or 4 year U.S. college

Our Current Locations

We have experts ready to provide Technology Tutoring or Technical Support in the Richmond, Virginia metro area, Blacksburg, Virginia and the Golden Triad of Greensboro – High Point – Winston Salem, North Carolina. We will be expanding to additional cites in the coming months. See Our Locations.